2020 Vision, Life Update and My Clothes are in a Music Video.

Hello Beautiful,

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We made it through 2019 and the decade!!

Wow, I feel like I haven't done this in such a long time, and I honestly missed writing. But anyway, I have so much that happened since the last blog, but we will get into that. Today's post will be a life update, lessons learnt, and a quick reflection on Fadzo Productions this last year.

1. New Roles and ResponsibIlities

One of the goals I had last year was to get more involved in my communities, and think I definitely achieved this goal.

For starters, I'm the 2019-2020 VP President of the Trent International Students Association. And it's so funny to think that there was a point in my first year that I looked at that position and thought, wow, I could never get there. Today I have it. Like, I think of the day in my second year after running for the Director of Publicity position in this same organization and found out I had lost the election even after everyone had assured me there was no way I would have lost the election. Getting this position just showed me that we have things set for us, and just because it's a NO today doesn't mean it's a NO forever.

Secondly, I am a Board Member of the Community Race Relations Community. A whole board member fam isn't that crazy. That is a whole other story, but I have learnt so much about the minority experience in the last four or five months. It made me realize the privileges that I have and to remember to be grateful for it. I learnt that some people couldn't come to campaigns or rallies not because they don't want to but simply because they have other needs that need attention today. Like we have people who might be fighting to get food on the table for the night and the next day, who simply can't just leaving their jobs to go for a rally that could help change a thing in the future. Being in this community really made me think about how we put across messages and how we, as advocates, can brand the messages in a better package.

2. Out with the old and in with the new, Friendship edition