A Journey to true Epistemology

In the beginning, was the world,

A myriad of galaxies,

Clusters of cells and energies,

Lights and sounds encompassed the universe.

It was good.

The smells of succulent flowers and fresh waters,

Clean, crisp air and lush meadows,

An assortment of species,

Animals big and small,

Living in complete harmony with the earth,

It was good.

Winds blow ever so gently,

Allowing for pollen to dance eloquently on the skin,

Water brought life,

The fire brought hope,

Earth brought fruit,

It was good.

It was good…so,

What changed?

In the beginning, was a man and a woman,

Born of the earth,

Formed in the image of God,

They were created from the earth for the earth,

They were good.

Their purpose was simple,

To serve,

To name,

To protect,

To multiply,

All was good.

Who changed?

Can we fix it?

A forbidden garden,

A cunning serpent,

A moment of weakness,


A quest to be like God,

It was never the same again.

As teeth sank into the fruit,

The balance of the world shifts,

Take, chew, swallow.


The first sin is committed.

Like poison, evil was injected into man,

Fear spread through his body,

Like the dendrites of the Nile river,

Disease saturates the air,

A battle between good and evil,

What is this feeling?


Awareness of this nakedness,