About Me and the Blog

#girlboss #gettoknowme #background First things first, I'm a young female entrepreneur running a multi-sectional company called Fadzo's House. I am originally from Zimbabwe (extremely proud of where I come from, if I might add) but have lived in a couple of different places. I am a university student studying for an Honours in Arts in Business Administration with specializations in Eterprenrship and Marketing and Consumer culture in Canada. Also, repping for all the 90s kids out there.  

Three things that express who I am and what I stand for GOD comes first, LOVE (for people, the arts, fashion) and CHARITY.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way: I love travelling and doing it as often as possible. Some places I really enjoyed in the last couple of years were South Africa (the food OMG), Poland (a bittersweet but super surreal experience) and Malta (one of the most beautiful places I have been). Dream place to be is definitely Zanzibar.

Have a passion for the arts: fashion design, drama, music, photography, art and design, make-up artistry, graphic designs, textile design...etc. They have always been the most consistent thing I have done especially when I'm stressed. There is something about being able to express yourself uniquely, and people can relate to your feelings. Interesting fact: I sewed my first outfit when I was 8 for my Baby Annabelle, and it ended up being the sports uniform for a local school in Zimbabwe.

I'm obsessed with fashion and love dressing people and myself up. I'm that friend that you call to get outfit ideas, and yes, I'm a black boots kind of girl (those who know the reference know whatsup, lol). I will say, though, I'm all about getting value for your money and doing many DIY projects. #bargainlife 

Follow me as I take a journey to discover who I am and what I stand for. This blog is for and about a young woman evolving into the Queen, she was always made to be. I hope that this will help inspire young women to explore their full potential in various aspects of their lives. I want this to be a community that helps create, build, empower and grow one another.