African Print Graduation Outfit​: Multi Wrap Jumpsuit

My girl Annesia gave me the task of designing and sewing her graduation outfit, and saying I was proud of seeing her walk across that stage with my work on her is an understatement. Regardless I am so happy she was happy with the outcome, and here is a brief of how this was made. This jumpsuit took me two days to sew but probably took maybe 8 hours or so to do everything. Unfortunately, I didn't film any of the processes, but I will get that done for you in the future. I split the process into four parts; the design process, the actual measuring and sewing part, the dress fitting and completion, and then last but defiantly not least, we have the styling.

Part 1: Design

We drew a lot of inspiration from a trendy wrap-style jumpsuit that we kept seeing on the TL. Specifically, a jumpsuit was worn by the social media influencer @Estaregrams on Instagram by a brand called OFUURE (linked here), and she had said she owned something like that. So I came up with a couple of sketches of what it would look like, and when we had the second consultation, we decided on one in particular.

Part 2: Measurements and sewing

This part was what I was dreading the most, if I am 100% honest as I hate sewing pants or any kind, but it wasn't that bad. I used this video to assist with the easiest way to join the parts together and modified it a little to do the pacific things we needed for her jumpsuit in particular.

Part 3: Final Fitting

She came for a dress fitting a week before grad. All that was left to do was make some small adjustments like add the zipper and waistband. She tried it on, and for the most part, everything was perfect. I made a couple of alterations, which took about 2 hours. Added the zipper and the waistband band, it was done.

Part 4: Styling

Because the outfit itself was so extra, we tried to turn things down a bit. We kept the accessories in the same colour, so it was rose gold: shoes, necklaces, and earrings. We also did a lot of drooping with the jewelry to look a little more PG. Her hair was half up- half down, and she had a gorgeous natural makeup look. If you have any questions about how this was made or have any inquiries, you can send an email at or check out the website (click here).