Chapter 22: The Year of Self

I’m beautiful

Yes, I am

Beautiful because of who I am

Not because of what I wear

Or what I weigh, my height or even my skin colour.

I’m beautiful because I’m one of a kind.

Priceless, flaws and all

My flaws make me beautiful.

And every one of them tells a story that someone will marvel over.

I’m beautiful because I am

No questions asked

No opinions needed

No affirmations or critics will change it.

I’m beautiful because I am a perfect blend of expectation and reality.

Like a beautiful cocktail

Decorated by experiences and mistakes

Mixtures of sweet and sower choices

A perfect blend never the less.

My beauty is limitless.

And yes, it can change and evolve over time.

I have pimples in annoying places.

And stretch marks in places you don’t even want to know.

But I’m beautiful, and you don’t need to tell me.

My beauty isn’t an external thing only.

It radiates from a deeper place.

A place of self-love and confidence

A place of peace and affirmation

A place of awareness

I’m beautiful, and no one can take that away from me.

I’m different in my own quirky way.

I’m who I am

And I love what I see: A strong, bold, confident, flawed, charismatic, clumsy, artistic, passionate, driven, beautiful woman.

Yes, I am beautiful, and that won’t change. took me a while to realize that...

Also, it's my birthday, so cheers to many more.

... twerking my life out!