DIY Makeup & Pencil Case

Both are available for Purchase

A couple of weeks ago, I was on Instagram (as one usually is when things like thins come to mind), and I came across their really cute two in one pencil case, makeup bag things that were super cute. I clicked on them, and you'll the way I left that page so quickly you would have thought I ran into a ghost. But basically, the way my budget is set up... purchasing something like that is not at the forefront of my mind. So I decided to do a little DIY of the bags. This is how I did it.

Materials used:

• Fabric of choice + (lining is optional)

• Needle or Sewing machine

• Thread 

• Zip

• Tailors Chalk/Pencil or something to mark the fabric with

• Measuring Tape

• Scissors

Step 1: Cutting

The first thing I did was cut all the fabric. A front and back rectangular panelled (for both the Ankara material and the lining), the two pocket pieces and the two smaller pieces I attached to the zip.

Step 2: Pocket

Sew the two parts of the pocket together by sticking only three sides of the panel and then turn them inside out. Measure and mark the place you intend the pocket to go and pin it there, issuing that this is the correct side of the Ankara material. Then attach the pocket.