February was a Roller Coaster of Emotions

Hey Gorgeous, do I have the update for you today. But before we even get into all the juicy juicy details lefts, find out how you really are. How your day been, and what was February really like for you (comment below; let's discuss it)? February for me was mad busy. It was a crazy month between having events for Black history month and having some major life-changing events.

Let's start from the beginning; on February 1st, I hosted an event called the Proclamation Ceremony for the City of Peterborough, which was honest and incredible. I actually managed to vlog the whole experience, so you can check out the video below for what the event was all about, and you know all the bits and bobs. But that event allowed me to network with the community and honestly helped me do some critical market research for Umhambo, my clothing company, which I really need to realize before doing the official launch later that week.

That same week, I finished my Finacial Planning Manual/Ebook and got one of my clients to sample it out (will be out soon, so watch the space). Essentially the Manual is to help you figure out where you stand financially and helps you set SMART Goals for the future to ensure that you have a strong foundation for financial freedom. Again I got a lot of feedback from them about the book. I have had to make some much-needed adjustments so that I ensure it is actually user-friendly for beginners and is easily transferable o different people regardless of whether you are a student or not. Again we will have more information on that as soon as I get all the information, feedback and reviews compiled and perfected.

Valentine's day came, and I had my last official day at work, as in my job. I need to take a moment to really let that sink in because I don't think I myself have really deeped it, to be honest. But yeah, I am officially self-employed... not quite an entrepreneur yet, but I'm on the road in that direction. Watch out for the WHY I LEFT MY JOB Video coming in a couple of weeks. So essentially, my business is now my only form of income, and the struggle really is real.

Anyways, that weekend, I decided to take a trip out to one of my girlfriends' houses to get some time to breathe. To chill and really adjust to this new pressure, I felt and used the opportunity to do further networking. One of my friends actually invited me to showcase some of my work at a fashion show in Hamilton that weekend as well, so it just worked out pretty well. The Fashion show was amazing, I had such a great time, and I met some great young designers, artists, performers and made so many connections for future collaborations. Although there were so many hiccups, the show itself was honestly such an amazing time and a great opportunity to learn about brand placement and curate the perfect elevator pitch for my clothing company.

The Monday after that trip, I had the great honour of being a part of the Trent African Caribean Students Union's market place feature. Again I had the pleasure of learning about my business and even got some tips from one of the businesses at the marketplace about how to price my products effectively. Which again was just great.

The month ended with having a Black History Month Showcase, where I had a number of extremely talented musicians and performers come and perform. Incredible... is the best way to describe it (a vlog will be up soon).