From One Friend to ​Another

The way life is set up is that we are constantly learning. Sometimes it's actively learning, which can be done through schools and educational facilities or reading. It is an experience that will teach us, that could be through situations or even through odd situations.

I'm doing a 21-day self-evaluation challenge, and here are 21 things I have learned to date:

  1. You are only as good as you think you are, so explore yourself and realize your full potential.

  2. The mind is more powerful than we would like to believe; it could be the difference between failure and success.

  3. Mistakes are necessary for growth to happen, so stop letting the fear of failure stop you from taking up new opportunities.

  4. You need to be accountable for all aspects of your life, including the bad situations you put yourself in.

  5. All lies eventually are bad lies.

  6. You will miss the gym teacher, forcing you to work out, and that truly comes from a deeper part of my heart.

  7. Standing out is a choice; it's uncomfortable to step out of the status quo, but it pays off.

  8. Sheep are never the pacesetters; lead from the front.

  9. Dress for yourself; also, there is nothing wrong with dressing up every day... allow yourself to be a snack every day.

  10. Save that money; you will be grateful for a rainy day.

  11. Get multiple streams of income as soon as you can; it gives you valuable experience.

  12. Procrastination is the gift that keeps on giving.

  13. Anger and unforgiveness are besties; they affect you more than the person that you are angry at.

  14. Sex out of marriage's confines is not for everyone; you aren't missing out on much if you abstain.

  15. Don’t wait on someone/something to help you feel better about yourself cause once it's gone, you are the person who still needs to deal with the lack of self-love.

  16. Stop making excuses; just go it.

  17. Travel while you still can.

  18. People treat you the way you treat yourself, so value yourself and bask in the glory of who you are. Know your worth.

  19. When things go wrong, you need to take responsibility for some of the actions taken because you might realize things about yourself, you didn't know where there (Good or Bad).

  20. Don't be afraid to get help; it is a sign of strength.

  21. Man is not an Island. You need to make time for things and people you care about, communication keep relationships.

I'm honestly still working on a lot of these things. But I believe t