Magic in Music

Music is Magic

It just has a way of placing you in a trance.

A journey to places you never knew you wanted

On the road, someone unknown 

Cities you couldn’t even imagine 

Music is Magic

A fairytale with a happy ending

A Rom-Com that leave you in tears

Stories of war and testimony 

Narratives of silences heroes

Music is Magic Makes you smile in inappropriate places  Laugh at secret jokes Walk on a purple cloud Makes you see the world differently


Music is Magic

A language of her own

With notes that will pull the strings of even the toughest heart

Transcending political allegiances, race, religion

Melting different colour into one

Music is Magic 

Has this crazy way of making you feel

Passion, Love, Joy

While at the same time feeling

Pain, devastation, betrayal 

Music is Magic

Like a unicorn 

Her strength is far greater than we can imagine 

And oh her beautiful, will stop you in your tr