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What'sup beautiful people. Welcome back; I really hope you are having a fantastic week so far. Today's post is going to be super short and straight to the point.

So I have some really amazing news... a massive announcement. A while ago, we surveyed to find out if people thought the podcast was accessible or not. I looked at some of the stats and realized that when I posted the podcast on social media, people really engaged with it. However, once I put the information out, very few people were listening. This was really concerning because I knew I was growing, but I couldn't see the numbers correlating. So, I took to the streets of Instagram to research what people thought and why they weren't listening to the podcast.

Now it might surprise you that most people just felt it was too out of their way. You needed to have a Soundcloud account or have the problem of having to click back and forth from different things actually to listen to it. So I knew from there that I needed to figure something out to make sure that more people could listen, and it was just accessible to more people.

So for months, I tried to figure out what to do. First, I started posting the individual podcasts on my Twitter and Facebook pages, hoping that more people would be able to see them that was. But then one day, I was browsing and realized I could post them on Spotify or iTunes Podcasts for free. So I asked around, and many of the people I asked didn't know how to explain it, so I gave up. Then a couple of days ago, I came across this fascinating video about starting a podcast. It literally has a step by step description of what you would do to post the podcast onto all the streaming platforms. The next Blog Post will give the actual breakdown and step by step of this process.

Now you probably figured what the news is . . . Fadzo Productions is now officially available for streaming on all Podcasting platforms. This means we can tick another thing off the vision board.

With that being said, have a lovely day and thank you for reading.

Lots of Love.


Ms. Fadzo