Money Mondays

WHAT'S UP, beautiful people, welcome back!!!!

So I've had several questions come through from my podcast when I announced Money Mondays. With that said, I decided to talk about it here and hopefully, that answers some of the questions people had.

The whole idea started because I just celebrated a big milestone...

A week ago was my 1-month anniversary being debt-free. I marked it by posting a podcast of what helped me move from being in almost $1500 of debt to being debt-free and having enough savings to cover my fixed and variable expenses for a month. If you haven't checked out my podcast already, then you need to go and check it out.

I also took that as an opportunity to introduce the concept of Money Mondays to the podcast because I would have appreciated having a platform like that to help me when I was trying to get rid of my debt. The goal of it (Money Mondays) is to educate young people on how to Acquire, Invest and Save Money. To answer any questions that you guys might have about all things money-related

Now a quick disclaimer, although I am taking some finance classes at university and love reading about ways of acquiring wealth, I don't claim to know everything about money management or financial fitness. If anything, I need help as well in some areas, to be perfectly honest with you. I'm just tired of seeing a number of my friends having problems with money due to a lack of knowledge. So I want to create something that allows people to have open conversations about money and allow people to learn from experts in different fields that will be interviewed throughout the duration of the series.

So that's basically the story behind Money Mondays. If you have questions or things you want me to discuss, please comment below or email me at If you want to be a guest, you can email me at the same email as well.

Thank you guys for all the support I have gotten so far. I love and appreciate you.

Quote of the day:

Too many people spend money they buy things they don't impress people that they don't like. --Will Rogers

Have a blessed day,