The Baby is Coming? An Analogy.

When I was in Zimbabwe about 3 months ago, we had a family discussion about business ventures we were looking to pursue, and I remember my mum said something that really got me thinking. When speaking about the business plans she had and why she was so passionate about the project, she felt like she was a pregnant woman ready to give birth to this business idea that she has been carrying for a while. After a lot of thought, I have come up with an analogy that I feel will help you determine when the best time to start a business is and illustrate the cycle of entrepreneurship. This will be made into a series, so watch out for that.

Here it goes…

A woman one day pees on a stick and finds out she has fallen pregnant. When she first finds out she is having a baby, there is so much excitement, and there is a swarm of emotions and ideas. All she really wants to do is tell the world from the rooftops, but she can’t because she needs to make sure they won’t be a miscarriage. She also wants to make sure that this is really what she wants to do. She tells her partner, so she has someone to help her at the start of the journey, and the baby research begins.

The first couple of weeks go by, and she starts feeling ill, and the reality of the situation begins to set in. Between the morning sickness and all the baby's anxiety, she starts having second thoughts about keeping it. The first doctor’s appointment comes up, and all the excitement comes flowing back. It’s hard, she thinks, but it will be worth it in the end.

Three months go by, and they can finally start telling people that there are bringing a bundle of joy to the world. They have a mixed bag of responses, from joy to questions about timing or this pregnancy and competence to be parents. Suddenly, everyone has advice about what should and shouldn’t be done at this time.

Anyways… Month after month go by doctor’s appointments, medications, research and lots and lots of shopping. There set up a room for the baby and start all the décor. She starts looking for baby names plus finds out the gender of their bundle of joy. The due date draws closer and closer…

One day she is prepping for the baby’s arrival, and her water breaks. The baby is coming, and all the pain and sacrifice was worth it. Labour begins and ends, and the baby is born. A new chapter begins with new challenges and also new joys.

Something to think about for this week is: As a young entrepreneur can you relate to this story? If you can what stage of the journey do you think you are at?

Part 2 will be available next week, and we will be talking about the idea...