Review and Revise Goals 2018- 2019

Hie everyone, welcome back to Chats with Ms. Fadzo ( kinda catchy actually) and Happy New Year to you'll. It's the first post of the year, people, and I am so excited to be back.

Last year I made the conscious decision to stop making NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, and I will be posting about why I made this decision in detail on my podcast in the next two weeks. But the simple reason was that I realized the resolutions I set were very easy to give up on, and the goal-setting method didn't allow me to be as disciplined as I probably needed to. I instead set growth goals that were split into 6 subsections.

1. Career / Business goal

Last year this was the biggest section, and the goal was to start something and finish it.

Career-wise I was working at Best Buy, and the goal was to stay and grow from the experience as much as possible. That is exactly what happened. I learnt so much about customer experience, working as a team, product marketing and branding, management styles, problem-solving, dealing with conflict, and ALWAYS BE AMAZING. But like every love story, we came to a beautiful end, and I will forever be grateful to all the people I worked with; I was so blessed to have the best job ever (so far).

On the Business side, the goal was the same: to start and finish something. And yes, that was so vague, but I think that helped me as the first business idea I had failed (podcast available explaining), and the vagueness helped me start and stick to this media page. The goal was to write a blog every other week and post 12 podcasts over the year, and for the most part, I did. I could definitely do better in being a little more consistent with the Blog, but I smashed the podcast's goal and need the year with 15 podcasts. I also created my website and did all the branding and management for the different social media platforms.

As I am officially self-employed, my career and business goals will basically be the same thing this year. The growth goal is CONSISTENCY. I will be committing to making one podcast every 2 weeks and one blog post every other week; we don't post a podcast (24 blog post and 24 podcasts). The other goal is to get back to making and designing my couture garments while at the same time building up my fashion portfolio due in May for a special something...