Poem: Tech Talk

Many times we are in our own little worlds.

A place you can do no wrong

There we do as we wish don't face the repercussions of our actions.

A place isolated to us and us alone.

Keyboard warriors, we are

An Instant Noodle generation

Consumed by our own vanity

Oblivious to the world around us

In a place isolated to us and us alone

Snapping about rather than Chatting with

Insta fame drives us

Swiping left to real humans and real emotions

Too distracted to hear the twits of the birds

Lives controlled by it

The technology that was meant to make things easier

Made things harder

Communicating with each other

Not to one another

Destroying the essence of humanity

Now hear me out as I break this down for you.

I sit on a bus today.

Staring into space

Avoiding contact: Eye, physical or verbal

Just a polite smile and the occasional nod