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Podcast Presenter & Show Host @fadzoproductions

Fashion Designer @umhambo

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Grad

***Executive Director of Fadzo Media Productions

  • A media channel which produces educational content around entrepreneurship, self-development, and cultural taboos. To inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and young adults. We are aiming to influence our followers to tackle difficult conversations, both online and offline, even if they are uncomfortable to have. Our mission is to create a platform that facilitates conversations that equip young people with skills to excel in life and become leaders in their communities. To take images that show the royalty that resides in every individual while capturing and tell the untold stories of diverse voices.


📸Social Media: @fadzoproductions


🎙Podcast available on all platforms: A Fadzo Productions Podcast

🎥YouTube Channel: Fadzo Productions

*** Designer and Founder of Umhambo Couture

  • A Zimbabwean-owned Couture online clothing and jewellery brand specializing in sustainable storytelling through its products and services. All the products are handmade, and they all have symbolic meaning behind them. We hope to educate people on different cultures through our product and highlight the incredible craftsmanship that goes behind doing them.


📷Social Media: @umhambo


🪡 Services: African Accessories, Custom Clothing, Clothing and Accessories Rentals, Clothing Design and Tailoring

***Topic of Interest

  • Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Brand Management, Content Management, Customer Relations, Graphics Software, Leadership, Social Media Marketing and Wealth Management

Ms Fadzo

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